How Test & QA Test Strategy is Different From Others

Test Strategy is an outline/approach or a high-level Static document that is usually created by Project Managers which consist set of guiding principles that enlighten the testing approach, testing objectives, Methods of Testing, Total Time, Resources required in the project, and testing environment.

“The goal of testing is not just to find bugs, although to make sure all the mentioned specifications are working as expected and none of the features are behaving abruptly what is not expected to do.”

How Test&QA strategy is different from others:

Quality Assurance: Understanding the nature and requirement of the business is extremely important for a Quality Assurance of a Product/Software/Application. As a result, we have highly experienced business analysts and project managers who understand the business requirement very well and they work with our testing professionals jointly to test a product in such a manner that it properly supports the business model.

Involvement of Testers in Early Stage: Most of the organizations involve their testers in the final stage of the project, but in Test & QA we align our testers at an early stage of every project, which helps them to visualize different quality issues throughout the entire cycle and they can provide their valuable early feedbacks which can greatly contribute to reducing unnecessary delay in time-to-market and high amount of additional expenses.

Development of Thumb Rules: Our project managers and business analyst team develop thumb rules at an initial level of every test strategy and they document them in one place. So that our testers use these thumb rules throughout the project.

Highly Experienced Resources: In the testing industry, it is very important to have highly experienced resources and Test & QA have that capability. We provide the best industry specialist who has in-depth hands-on exposure to work with UK based clients. These professionals have good knowledge of the agile methodology testing process. These professionals are also aware of all the rules taken care by the UK govt. For GDPR/Accessibility.