Agile Methodology is an integral part of Testers

Every software testing firm nowadays regularly applies an agile methodology in its operations. The surrounding environment is evolving continuously, and this helps QA remain in step with the needs of the IT market. Agile training applies to all members of the QA team but mostly affects the day-to-day work of the testers. The use of agile software provides an opportunity for PM, developers, and customers to see the project’s common image, understand the time spent, identify the tasks and set priorities.

Even though the approach applies to all concerned individuals, the testers are mainly responsible for the significant part of the functional.

Which Specific Qualities Does a Tester Possess to Get Ahead in Agile Testing?

  • Logical thinking and analytical mindset.
  • Determine and advise which tests at which layer should be automated.
  • Ability to perform accurate decisions with regards to the available test outcomes.
  • Skills to well collaborate inside the different departments of the company.
  • Realization of the user’s expectations.
  • Mobility presence despite the changeable business environment.

The above features are quite normal and react not only to a tester but also to a developer, whose function in Scrum is similar to the test team members. In fact, their work is linked and has the same end goal-to ensure the availability of the highest quality product. And according to some experts, the tester’s role has already gone beyond the test case writing and their performance. In today’s experience QA the testers, performing software testing, will think like the end-users, as well as the owner of the product title to ensure the qualitative outcome.

As for Agile Application Development, a variety of development roles:

Work with the developer in pairs. This is a case when the developer deals with a tester: They log and stipulate the results of the changes.

Analyst role: A tester should not only know about the specifications and appreciate them but should also make suggestions himself to develop the product before its launch. Its function in automation. Automated test fulfillment simplifies the life of the tester and helps speed up the test process.

Research role: For example, one should take additional steps, automated regression testing, to ensure that agile QA testing is successful.

Discoverer role: Before the product is created, it often happens that a tester fulfills a test protocol, e.g. checking the specifications of the company.

All approaches should be tailored for each organization and each project to conduct mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing effectively. Test & QA is an independent, offshore research software company based in the United Kingdom.

This is how our testers apply agile methodology at every phase of software development.