Regression Testing

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Why Regression Testing?

Regression testing is an essential component of software development that makes sure that new code modifications do not adversely affect the software’s current functionality. With functional regression testing, we can confirm that software continues to function properly even after code changes have been performed. Our knowledgeable staff at Test & QA uses innovative tools and processes to provide thorough regression testing services.

Regression testing is approached methodically at Test & QA. To guarantee that every component of the software is completely tested, we first analyse the requirements for the product before creating a thorough test strategy and test cases. Our skilled testers carry out the tests, spot flaws, and follow their correction. Our testing strategy is intended to assist in locating and isolating problems early in the software development life cycle, saving time and money.

You can be sure that your software is of the highest quality and functionality with functional regression testing from Test & QA.

By partnering with us, you receive assistance in:

  • Spotting flaws early in the development cycle.
  • Making sure that your software satisfies all functional specifications.
  • Reducing the possibility of regression mistakes
  • Increasing user satisfaction and overall program quality

We at Test & QA are aware of the significance of providing high-quality software. We offer functional regression testing services to make sure your software is error-free and runs smoothly. Count on us to ensure that your software is of the highest calibre by assisting you in locating and isolating problems early in the development cycle.

For Complete Regression Testing Services, please contact us.


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Regression testing is a type of software testing that aims to ensure that recent code changes or enhancements to an application do not introduce new defects or negatively impact existing functionality. The primary goal of regression testing is to verify that the previously tested and functioning parts of the software continue to work correctly after changes have been made.

Regression testing is of paramount importance in the software development and maintenance process. It plays significant role in detecting regression bugs by identifying any unintended side effects or regression bugs introduced by recent code changes. By running a suite of regression tests, developers and testers can ensure the stability and reliability of the software.

In CI/CD pipelines, where code is built, tested, and deployed automatically, regression tests play a crucial role. They ensure that each code change is thoroughly validated before it's automatically deployed to production. This helps maintain a stable and error-free production environment.