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In Today’s ultra-competitive software program marketplace, no one gets a second chance to make a good impact. A clean and beautiful Graphical User Interface is tremendously essential for attracting and retaining users. UI testing is completely based on how friendly your user interface is? A successful application always has a user-friendly interface where the ingression of features and its functional behavior can be experienced. Test & QA design a program for you to test the behavior and functionality of the User Interface. We believe that the end-user of the application should have the best experience without any faults and bugs.

In this program, we test the design of the application to ensure that the front end of the application is up to the mark with Windows compliance standards in terms of menus, buttons, animation or graphics.

What's Our Approach To Test?

User Emotions – We focus on user emotions, likewise emoticons from a happy face to angry face while using the particular software or an app. If the user experience element doesn’t match with the expectations, then the user might get angry, frustrated or abandon your software.

Watch your users – While testing the software it is very important to sit next to the users to get the relevancy of the working of the app. Capturing a video while using the app tells a lot about usage patterns, the behavior of the user, their likeness, dislikeness, navigation pattern, and lot more crucial data which can help us to determine the design efficiency.

Improve UX from user feedback – User feedback is a very important part of UI testing and we use it in our approach, which gives insights us to the following questions

  • What kind of problems users are reporting?
  • What are the pros and cons of the design?
  • What percentage of users are talking about abandoning the app and preferring other competitors?
  • What kind of usability or functional problems users are facing or talking about?


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UI Testing is a type of software testing that focuses on evaluating the graphical user interface (GUI) of an application to ensure that it functions correctly and provides a positive user experience.

UI Testing is important because the user interface is the primary interaction point between users and software. Ensuring a well-functioning and user-friendly interface is essential for user satisfaction.

UI Testing typically includes testing elements such as buttons, forms, menus, navigation, links, images, and layout to verify that they work as intended and are visually consistent.

UI Testing can uncover issues such as:
Broken links or buttons
Incorrect labeling and text
Inconsistent fonts and colors
Alignment and spacing problems
Accessibility issues
Browser compatibility issues

Common UI testing tools include Selenium, Appium, TestComplete, Protractor, and various browser developer tools for manual testing

No, UI Testing focuses on functional aspects of the user interface, while Usability Testing evaluates the overall user experience, including ease of use and user satisfaction.

UI Testing and GUI Testing are often used interchangeably. Both focus on the graphical interface of an application, but UI Testing may also encompass user interactions and functional aspects.