Multi Browser or Multi Device

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Multi-browser testing is a process to test web applications across multiple web browsers and multiple devices. It involves checking the compatibility of any application across multiple web browsers and ensures that your application is working perfectly across different web browsers. At Test & QA we make sure that all our application projects are working for all the users no matter what browser, device, or additional tools they are using.

How does your website work on multiple devices and multiple browsers?
At Test & QA we offer a comprehensive cross-browser and device testing service. We can quickly test and validate the impact browsers and devices have on the user experience. Our tech experts work on the automated test scripts so that layout and functional issues can be quickly identified and reported back to you for resolution.

Test & QA Offers

With our unique tools and robust lab, we boast the capability of being able to test software on 90% of the usual market reach of devices and platforms.

Multi Browser

Test & QA provides multi-browser testing and we test web software on multiple browsers as per the client’s requirement, ranging from all known names like internet explorer, Mozilla, Safari, and Chrome. Also, we make sure to test web software over all the past and current versions of these browsers. We also have multiple tools and equipment to check the software on all the modern browsers as per requirements.

Multi Platform

From standard Windows to industry-specific special operating systems and cloud-based platforms, Test & QA has helped test the software being compatible on these platforms. We perform tests to check the software on various platforms and environments to make sure it does not break and provides the same quality to the end-users.

Mobile Devices

Test & QA provides the ability to test your mobile and web apps on various sizes and kinds of devices. We bring a wide range of industry-standard mobile phones needed to test the software of modern times. With a range of mobile devices expanding today not just in colors but also in their technical specifications like hardware version, width, operating system, versions of OS, browsers, etc.

Smart Devices

From mobile devices to other smart devices like smartwatches, exercise bands, etc. we live in an increasingly ‘smart’ world. It is a necessity for software that needs to run on these devices to be checked on them physically before being shipped. Test & QA has helped in the testing of software on these special and smart devices as per the needs of development and release cycles.


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Multi-Browser Testing is a software testing technique that involves testing a web application or website on different web browsers to ensure compatibility and functionality across various browser platforms.

Multi-Device Testing is a type of software testing that involves evaluating the performance and functionality of an application or website on different devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and more.

These types of testing are essential because users access websites and applications using various devices and browsers. Ensuring compatibility and a consistent user experience is crucial for user satisfaction.

Challenges include dealing with differences in screen sizes, resolutions, and operating systems, addressing browser-specific issues, and managing a large matrix of browser-device combinations.

Issues commonly identified include:
Rendering and layout problems on different devices
Browser-specific functionality errors
Incompatibility with older browser versions
Performance variations on different devices
Responsiveness and touch-related issues on mobile devices