eCommerce Testing

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eCommerce is a modern and widely known term these days in the shopping industry, most people prefer to buy or sell products through online services. These days you can shop at your leisure, anytime and in your pocket.

Why ECommerce Testing Is Needed?

eCommerce includes various business processes like online transactions, catalog management, business listing, logistics inventory, etc. and it is very important for every e-commerce business that all these functions are working properly and they don’t have any bugs in it. So, eCommerce application testing ensures to fix all the bugs.

eCommerce testing will prevent the website from the errors and adds value to the product as per the requirements of the client. Our main objective is to ensure software reliability, system assurance, capacity utilization, and optimum performance. Every eCommerce application or website has to under various typical test types and our experts will handle every single thing from selecting the item to add to the cart to the payment gateway, whether all things are working smoothly for B2B and B2C or not.

ECommerce Challenges

Functional: Multiple functionalities can fail at any point in time and that may result in unsatisfied customers.

Performance: Varies on day to day basis, can increase on weekends or any special day which may results in a variance in speed.

User Interface: Interface should be user-friendly, as the customer moves out of that moment when they don’t find what they want.

Cross Browser: Users use different browsers to access the web application, so compatibility across all of them needs to get verified.

Test & QA Quality Assurance Service Offers

  • System Mapping and Documentation: We understand the business of the client and come up with customized solutions to achieve quality assurance by studying and analyzing the multiple operations and documenting them in a well-organized form.
  • Sanity Check: The accuracy of any application is most important for delivering the best results out of that. Sanity Check is a process that ensures and validate that the application is working in the same manner, it is designed for.
  • Credit Card Testing: Authentication of live credit card is a very important part of quality assurance service. And at Test & QA we ensure that our system test every credit card number, verify user account and check availability of that card to make the system more secure.
  • Surveillance Test: Surveillance test is as important as Credit card Testing because it helps a business to identify their unauthorized users.
  • Addressing Defects and Regression Testing Implementation: Adhesive defects are being addressed via a functional approach to making the system more simpler and adaptable.
  • System Automation Testing: We have an enthusiastic team with a tremendous set of knowledge to execute system automation testing with consistent effort. This team performs interactive QA test techniques for executing AB testing ideas to build trust over customers and produce great AB test results.
  • Security Testing: In security testing, we assure the security of the end-user. All the emails and account details are treated as highly confidential, not only this we are also concerned about the application security.

In these proactive services, we relatively examine eCommerce test cases to test the eCommerce website. Performing in-depth analysis of test cases in eCommerce application testing that will take an application at the upper level.


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E-commerce Testing ensures that online stores function smoothly, provide a positive user experience, and protect sensitive customer data, which is critical for the success and trust of e-commerce businesses.

E-commerce Testing includes testing of product catalogs, shopping carts, payment gateways, user registration, order processing, security, and performance under heavy loads.

Common tools include Selenium for automated testing, JMeter for load testing, and tools like OWASP ZAP for security testing of e-commerce applications.

E-commerce Testing should be conducted continuously throughout the development process, starting with unit testing of individual components and progressing to comprehensive testing of the entire application.

Performance testing helps ensure that an e-commerce website can handle high traffic loads during peak shopping seasons without slowdowns or crashes.